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Web Development & Marketing Strategy

for Small Businesses
wanting to make a
Big Impact


Do you want an interactive brochure or an online shop? Fancy or functional? Something you maintain or get someone else to make it happen? Let's talk about how we can get you sorted online.

Option 1:

This option is for the person who loves to work things out for themselves.  There are heaps of online resources if you are happy to take the time to google and learn.

I give me:

Behind the scenes:

  • WordPress framework (used by over 74 millions websites world wide)
  • One years hosting
  • Google Analytics set up so you can track visitor behaviour on your site
  • Spam resistant setup so you don't get inundated with offers for things that you just don't want to know about (if you know what I mean)
  • Trust Certificate for an https site so google chrome does say your site is dodgey

Site creation tools:

  • Top Navigation Menu set up with the most common website pages - Home, About, Services, Contact 
  • Visual Page Builder so you can create fantastic looking and functioning pages without having to know any coding
  • WordPress theme that allows you to customise colours, page layouts, fonts etc
  • Contact Form builder
  • A mobile responsive framework (web speak for a site that re-arranges itself to look good on a pc, ipad, iphone, android device...the list goes on and on and on...)

You give me:

  • Your Logo
  • Preferred colours - I give you a template
  • Gmail address for Google Analytics
  • $500 NZD

Option 2:

This option is for the person who wants to get visible online fast. There focus is on doing what they are already skilled at and leaving the web stuff to someone else.

I give you:

Everything from Option 1: DIY plus:

  • A complete, live website based on your needs with your logo, preferred design, imagery and copy
  • Training on how to update it if that is the way you want to go

You give me:

  • Your Logo
  • Preferred colours - I give you a template
  • Images you wish to use (or I can select for you if you describe the personality of the site you are looking to create)
  • Text for each page (or I can write this for you - I do this in an interview style as I know what needs to appear on each page)
  • Gmail address for Google Analytics
  • Between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on what you want and how much you do verses how much I do ie. copy writing, sourcing images, re-working the design until you love it

Option 3:

This option is for the person who wants to buy my time to focus on the area of their choice.

I give you:

Support in a wide variety of online skills:

  • Website Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Facebook Profile
  • Offer Crafting ie. crafting an offer for your specific market that is desirable, credible and in a language that will motivate your prospects to buy
  • Photoshop skills
  • Website Analytics Analysis - turning data in actionable insights
  • Online Course Development - leverage your knowledge by creating a online learning experiene
  • Webinar Delivery
  • Video creation & hosting
  • e-commerce set up
  • Email list building & e-newsletters
  • Auto-responder welcome email series

You give me:

  • $70 per hour

Want a fab website & marketing strategy that can help you make the difference in the world you want to see? Give me a yell.


I never planned on being a geek!

Get it done.
Make it gorgeous.

I loved tech drawing at school and was going to be an architect. Or a professional horse rider. Then I got all sensible and went to university. I was the only one in my year to do a double major in accounting/finance & marketing. Everyone else either did numbers or communication rather than both. Computer related stuff was for hardcore geeks - and I wasn't one of them! No PC's, i-devices or smart phone in the late 80's!

After working for a NZ engineering firm in a business planning and marketing role, I headed off to London and juggled travelling as much as I could and earning money to fund it...

I accidentally got into web development whilst in London during the mid 1990's. The internet was just beginning for businesses and I guess I was at the right place at the right time. I ended up as the Interactive Communications Manager for Europe in one of the biggest companies in the world. Fancy that for a farmer's daughter from Dargaville... 

Over 20 years later and how things have changed. Websites are no longer the preserve of big business (first site I managed the build on cost well over $1,000,000 NZD!). Having a high quality online presence is now really accessible financially and technically for everyone.

After 9 years of London life it was time to head home to a lifestyle block, marriage, two kids, a horse, a dog & my own get the picture. The call of corporate life faded and now I love using the skills I picked up along to way to help small businesses make the sustainable impact that they want to make. 


I'm based in Muriwai, on the wild west coast just north of Auckland in New Zealand. If we can talk face to face - great! If not then there are plenty of options.

Rather than trading emails trying to work out a time that we are both free, please use the kermit green button to book a slot in my online diary.

It asks for your preferred contact method - phone, skype, virtual meeting room etc.