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OLD Services

I love working one to one or with a group.  The focus is up to you – personal or professional development. If you are an entrepreneur I have found it is pretty much impossible to separate the two!

Me and Jack

This is me and our little man at the beach

UpSurge Personal
UpSurge Personal are one to one sessions that give you the privacy and support to work through the self-sabotaging behaviours we all come up against from time to time. We look behind the stories of why we react the way we react when we know these patterns don’t serve us and get to the sub-conscious motivations that truly drive our choices.


Suze Kenington

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UpSurge Professional
UpSurge Professional are one to one sessions that give you a combination of personal support to address the behaviours that don’t serve us in business combined with the practical business skills gained at the coal-face of a range of business range from fmcg’s, manufacturing and marketing agencies. We can work on a marketing strategy, build a website, set up a social media presence, design a ordering system…whatever will benefit your business the most.


Suze Kenington

Presentation to a lovely group of horse riders

UpSurge Groups
UpSurge Groups is driven by the needs of the group. They may be sports clubs or business’s looking to achieve goals or address group dynamics. I have had the privilege of working with horse riders recently and how their inner worlds affect their goal realisation. UpSurge Groups can be purely informational or with a specific goal in mind. If you are particularly interested in Equestrian Mindset Coaching hop over to www.RidersMind.com where I focus solely on this fascinating topic.

Investment in your progress

For a one off session of 45 minutes the cost is $75.  If you book a block of 4 session the cost is $65 per session. This cost includes a quick check in by phone or email in the days following the session if anything comes up that you would like immediate support with. Some patterns can be identified and shifted in one session but others benefit from a longer term approach.

Group presentations are by negotiation.

If this is sparking some ideas then drop me a line on the Wanna Chat? page.