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Want a website? Not sure where to start?

As a fellow small business owner I know you are hugely resourceful, capable and motivated or you wouldn't still be in business.
Small businesses owners don't have the spare time, cash & brainspace to get mucked around creating an online presence that works hard for their businesses.
Often running & promoting the business is the challenging bit - not providing the products and services you are expert in.
  1. 1
    Relevant Google Searches find you
  2. 2
    Visitors see and like what you do/ sell
  3. 3
    Visitors contact/buy

What works best for you?


I put together the 'building blocks' of your site - you take it from there.

This option is for the person who loves to work things out for themselves.  There are heaps of online resources if you are happy to take the time to google and learn.


You tell me what you want and I build it.

This option is for the person who wants to get their website working for their business quickly. Their focus is on doing what they are already skilled at and leaving the web stuff to someone else.


I bring my 'toolbox' of experience to whatever you need the most.

This option is for the person who wants to focus on the area of their choice eg. rank better on SEO, create an online course, add e-commerce...

If you would like to use over 20 years online marketing experience
to help your business make the difference in the world you want to see - give me a yell.

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