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What is Mindset Coaching?

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What can you expect from a mindset coaching session?

A-ha’s, oh hell’s, occasional tantrums and sometimes tears – it can be a messy business stepping into your power but no one else can do it for you.  You will gain the mental freedom to make decisions that serve you.

Are we going hit it off?

Mindset Coaching needs a really trusting connection between coach and coachee (not sure if that’s a real word…). Below are the beliefs that drive how I approach coaching – if they resonate with you then give me a yell today via Wanna Chat?

  • we have all the answers to living a fulfilling life within us, sometimes all it takes is someone to ask the right questions and support you in bringing that to life
  • we are all more loving, creative and powerful than we give ourselves credit for
  • when we follow our heart and gut our work transforms into an expression of who we are rather than just a job
  • the world needs people who are brave enough to show their best selves and share their talents and passions
  • when we live and work more authentically we give others permission and inspiration to do this also, thus forming a ripple effect in families and communities